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Iris Software Interview Questions in Java

Iris Software Interview Questions in Java

Today we will discuss Iris Software Interview Questions in Java for experienced developers having 3+ Years of Experience.

IRIS Software Interview Questions in Java

These questions are solely on the basis of the telephonic interview given by people and collected thereafter.

So let's get started...

Iris Software Interview Questions

Telephonic Rounds

     Spring Boot Interview Questions

  1. What are the advantages of Spring Boot over Spring?
  2. Which different Configuration files are used to define properties?
  3. Explain Spring boot Architecture and how it is different than the MVC application?
  4. What advantages does Spring boot provide over Spring MVC?
  5. How to create an API in Spring Boot Application?

    System Design 

  1. How you will design APIs for Product flow in e-commerce sites?
    Hint: For Create Order, Update Order, Edit Order, Delete Order
  2. Which Type of APIs you will create Synchronous or Asynchronous and why?
  3. Can we do update the Call using GET Method if so then why use PUT?
  4. Difference between PUT and Post and again why use PUT for the update when we can also use the POST Method for the same?

    Spring Interview Questions

  1. Explain the LifeCycle of Spring MVC? How flow works when the user hits the API?
  2. What response will you return?
  3. What are bean scopes and how they are different?
  4. Can we create Singleton Bean inside Prototype and vice-versa?

    Core Java Interview Questions

  1. Different Null checking mechanism which one is fail-safe and fail fast?
  2. Why use streams over loop mechanism what benefit is provide?
  3. What are other java8 features that you have used?
  4. Optional class how it differs from the classical null checking mechanism what advantage does it provide?
  5. Lambda was not earlier than java8 are you sure?
  6. How Hashmap works internally and which data structure does it use?
  7. Can we create a Hashmap key singleton?
  8. Can we create Hashmap key immutable or mutable will be better?
  9. How Hashmap is not thread-safe?
  10. How fail-safe, fail-fast mechanism applies to Hashmap?    

    Database Interview Questions

  1. We have a Table like this below
    Database table schema

we need to fetch data from the table with the employee's latest salary as in above case A has two salaries from the year 2019 and the year 2020 we need to fetch the latest one from 2020?


That's it for IRIS Software Interview Questions in Java. In this post, we have covered only Telephonic round questions For Face to Face we will have another post where I will give a list of all the questions faced during the interview.

Thanks for reading this post so far. If you like this post then please share it with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions, doubts, suggestions, or feedback then please drop a comment and I'll try to answer your question.

So what do you think about this post? Please share your experiences in the comments sections so we can update the list and help the community.

If you want answers as well for these questions please let me know in the comments section will update the post accordingly.

Happy Learning!!!

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