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Fiserv interview questions in Java

Fiserv Interview Questions in Java

Today we will discuss Fiserv Interview Questions in Java for experienced developers having 3+ Years of Experience. In the earlier post, we had discussed IRIS Software Interview Questions in Java and Kent CamEye Interview Questions in Java. Let's see the Fiserv Interview Questions now...

Fiserv interview questions in java

These questions are solely on the basis of the telephonic interview given by people and collected thereafter.

So let's get started...

Fiserv Interview Questions

Telephonic Rounds

     Spring Boot Interview Questions

  1. What advantages does it provide?
  2. What is a spring initializer?   

    Core Java Interview Questions

  1. What is a race condition in java?
  2. What is the Deadlock condition in java and how to prevent it?
  3. We have a String s = ({)}(}) In this string we have to write logic to identify the missing opening or closing braces if any?
  4. We have a array = [12,25,-79,0,98,71], find the longest continuous array which have maximum sum.(Solution)

    Hibernate Interview Questions

  1. Difference between Get vs Load method in hibernate?
  2. Difference between First level cache and second-level cache?
  3. Which Cache is maintained at which level session-level or session factory level?
  4. What is the n+1 problem in hibernate?


That's it for Fiserv Interview Questions in Java. In this post, we have covered only Telephonic round questions. For Face to Face, we will have another post where I will give a list of all the questions faced during the interview.

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