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NIIT Technologies Java Interview Questions for Experienced (3+)

NIIT Technologies Java Interview Questions for Experienced

Today we will discuss NIIT Technologies Java Interview Questions for experienced developers having 3+ Years of Experience. In the earlier post, we had discussed IRIS Software Interview Questions in JavaKent CamEye Interview Questions in Java, and Fiserv Interview questions in Java. Let's see the NIIT Java developer interview questions now...
NIIT Technologies Java Interview Questions for Experienced
These questions are solely on the basis of the face-to-face interview given by people and collected thereafter.

So let's get started...

NIIT Java Interview Questions

Face to Face Rounds 

    Core Java Interview Questions

  1. Write a program to print Fibonacci Series using recursion?
  2. What is the difference between hashtable and hashmap?
  3. How concurrency handles in the hashtable and hashmap? Is there any other alternative for concurrent collections in java?

    Spring Interview Questions

  1. What is a Spring transaction?
  2. What is DI/IOC and what is the difference between constructor-based and setter-based injection?
  3. Explain the project architecture that you are currently working on?
  4. How you can convert your monolithic project to a microservice-based project?  
  5. How you will design a normal CRUD Application in sprint boot?
  6. What is Aspect-oriented programming in Spring?
  7. How you will calculate any sprint API execution time?

    Hibernate Interview Questions

  1. What is Caching in Hibernate?
  2. Difference between First level cache and second-level cache?
  3. What is the use of cascade in hibernate?
  4. What is the n+1 problem in hibernate?

    Database Interview Questions

  1. What is indexing in DB? How can we improve performance using indexing?


  1. In which IDE you are most comfortable Eclipse or Intellij?
  2. Which things you have used in eclipse?

    Test Cases (Junit/TestNG)

  1. How you manage code coverage and cleanliness in code? (Sonarcube, git review cycle)

    Project Related/Work-based questions

  1. If the story assigned to you how you take the initial step when something is not clear?
  2. What is Safe Agile what happens in Safe Agile? (It depends on your experience)
  3. What are the domains that you have worked on like banking, automobile?
  4. How you face challenges and how you incorporate new enhancement if there is any challenge in understanding?    


That's it for NIIT Technologies Java Interview Questions for Experienced. In this post, we have covered face-to-face round questions asked from people.

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